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Walsh Tree Surgery / Arboriculture

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Please read two important articles from Total Arb magazine before employing any Arborist click here or scroll down to view.

Simon Walsh ISA certifed Arborist UI-1185A

Here at Walsh tree surgery we aim to give an efficient and professional service to all our clients, by keeping up to date with all aspects of statutory and HSE regulations and following best practice guild lines, and using proven technique's, which ensures our INSURANCE remains VALID protecting both ourselves and our clients, and to prove our commitment we have joined Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme and the International Society of Arboriculture.

We have worked in Forestry and Arboriculture for many years, from large scale heath land restoration projects to pruning fruit trees in peoples back gardens, we have the experience and skills to handle any job large and small alike, by making sure our training and our knowledge remains up to date from first aid training, to disease control in trees.

A simple example of this if we are working on a diseased tree and a healthy tree on the same site we carry two different makes of chainsaw to prevent transmitting the disease to the healthy tree. If a tree has a certain disease like honey fungus we grind out stump and treat surrounding area. In the case of bleeding canker in Horse Chestnut current advice is not to chip any of the tree or grind out the stump as this can release harmful spoors, we treat the stump and remove all the waste which is brought back to our yard for safe disposal. We then disinfect all equipment used on the site to prevent cross contamination.

Our use of access platforms (MEWPS) whenever possible makes us more efficient and can help keep the cost of most jobs lower when compared to climbing using rope and harness, we estimate we win 9 out of 10 jobs we quote for, and as we own our platforms they are always available.

It is this attention to detail, understanding and compliance of regulations or best practice guild lines which makes us even more relevant in today's climate both financial and for the health of your trees.

As you will have noticed we have a large emphasis on VALID INSURANCE, to highlight the importance of all the rules and regulations which all tree surgeons must comply with for their insurance to remain valid, we have listed them below so please scroll down.

Legal Requirements

Loler Certificates, for all climbing and lowering equipment

Chain saw felling operations are covered by three levels, it is a statutory requirement to hold the correct certificate for the work you are undertaking

  1. Small tree up to 380mm / 15 inches.
  2. Medium tree up to 760mm / 30 inches.
  3. Large tree greater than 760mm/ 30 inches.
  4. Basic chain saws use, training and independent assessment required (enables cross cutting by ground staff).

Climbing operations

Chapter eight

Access platforms/MEWPS

Other equipment that is covered by statutory regulation

Use of any of the above equipment should be backed up by certificates were assessments are required, or written records of any in house training, failure to comply invalidates public liability insurance, and it is in the clients best interest to check contractors conform to legal requirements before any work starts.


Two important articles from Total Arb magazine Aug 2006

It is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure that anyone they employ to work on trees has both public and employee liability insurance. Failure to do so could result in legal action against the land/home owner in the event of accidents at the time of the work or in the future as a result of the work carried out.

Working with trees can be dangerous. It kills and seriously injures many people each year as well as causing damage to property, often at considerable cost to house-owners and others. This is often due to inadequately trained and under insured 'tree-fellers', offering to undertake work at 'cut-down' prices.

Frances Hirst H M Inspector of Health & Safety Head of Arboriculture.


Carrying out tree surgery is akin to driving on public roads

  1. You need correct licence for the vehicle you are driving (Chain saw certificates, and proof of training or certificates for all work being undertaken).
  2. The Vehicle requires an MOT and tax certificate ( Loler 98 for all climbing and lowering equipment).
  3. And of course insurance ( Public and employers liability insurance recommend minimum £5 million for each). For insurance to be valid you have to comply with the first two otherwise insurance document is not worth the paper it is written on.